How You Can Help

If we don’t defend our fundamental rights, we will lose them.

This isn’t an abstract concept. Governments and individuals will accumulate power and exercise that power in ways that are harmful to everyone.

To prevent this, we need to organize. We need to take every legal action available to us to stop unlawful exercise of power.

In this effort, time and hard work are the most valuable things. Yes, we will need money, but money use useless if we don’t have the people to support the effort.

We need lawyers, accountants, writers, technical folks, organizers, and others to participate in any way they can.

If you have money, but not time to donate, that will be helpful to fund our mission.

If you have time, but not money, let us know, we’ll have work for you that needs to be done.

If you have both, even better.

Start by signing up with this site. Donate what you can. Check our volunteers and events page and look for work that you’d like to do.

We are going to win this.

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